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Mikel's Memorabilia Museum
'The Dire Museum'

Mark, at Museum
Summer time again, which means
free time for new scans.
Finally it's been updated!
So... here it is...! 
Enjoy the museum...
If you are interested in better scans, label numbers, serial numbers or whatever of your interest about all these items, ask!

Last Update on 28-08-2003
Items in the museum: hundreds
Items to be included: thousands

You can get into DS!


  New items added
Credits and Contributors

Dire Straits Hall
Communique Hall 
Making Movies Hall
Love Over Gold Hall
ExtendeDancEPlay Hall
Alchemy Hall
Brothers in Arms Hall
Money for Nothing Hall
On Every Street Hall
On the Night and Encores Hall
Live at the BBC Hall
The Very Best Of Hall
Neck and Neck Hall
Notting Hillbillies Hall
Golden Heart Hall
Sailing to Philadelphia Hall
The Ragpicker's Dream Hall
Ridin' High
Local Hero Hall
Comfort and Joy Hall
Cal Hall
The Princess Bride Hall
Last Exit to Brooklyn Hall
Wag the Dog Hall
A Shot at Glory Hall
Metroland Hall

News and Press Hall 
Promo Pictures Gallery
Advertisements Hall
The Library
CD Videos
Other items


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